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Home (Poppy near Morton on Swale)

Fence n the evening sunshire

Sunset over the fields

Sun sets over the fields and hedges near Morton on Swale

Fence and Thistle

Fence and Thistle at Sunset

An evening stroll has many beautiful sights

Snow on the field

A light snow on the fields

A dusting of snow show up the crop lines in the fields

Poppy in the grass

Poppy in the grass

A poppy grows in the fields near Morton on Swale, North Yorkshire

Snow shows the lines in the field

Crop lines highlighted by the snow

The snow highlights the rows of planted crops

View across the fields

Distant view across the fields

A distant view across the snowy fields towards Swaledale

Berries moving the wind

Moving blackberries

An intentional camera movement shot of Blackberries

Moving crops

Moving crops

Crops using ICM (Intentional Camera Movement)

Poppies in the wheat

Poppies grow amongst the crops

The red of the poppies stands out

View towards Thrintoft

Looking towards Thrintoft

A snowy track leads from Morton on Swale to Thrintoft

Sunset through the trees

Sunset throught the trees

The sun sets through the trees near Morton on Swale

Sunlight of thistles and crops

Sunlight on the thistles

Sun sets on the crops and thistles near Morton on Swale

Tractor tracks

Tracks in the wheat

Tractor tracks in the crops

View across the fields

Distant view across the snowy fields

Trees on the horizon across a snowy field

Looking down the line

Looking down the Wensleydale Line

Looking down the track from Morton on Swale towards Leeming Bar

The sun goes down over the wheat

The sun goes down

Sunset over the wheat near Morton on Swale


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