Art in the Cafe Exhibition - August & September 2021

It seems strange that taking photographs for a hobby usually means that other than family and a few friends on Facebook, or images submitted in Camera Club competitions, no one else really gets to see them. So I am thrilled to have been able to hold my first ever Art in the Cafe Exhibition. The Garden Rooms at Tennants hosted my images during August and September 2021 at their headquarters in Leyburn, North Yorkshire.

The images that were on on display can be seen below – digitally framed to look as much like the actual framed print as possible. This ‘Art in the Cafe’ exhibition was in the The Garden Rooms at Tennants.

Please click on any image below as it scrolls to open and view the Exhibition images.

All images are available to buy as Framed Giclée* prints at £60 framed Please click on the ‘Shop’ link or Contact me to discuss.

What are *Giclée prints? Read more here.