November 2019

Lazy me, Colourful Abbey, Autumn Colours and some warmth to come


It has become apparent, since I retired, that I am a bit lazy. Maybe I could be forgiven for this, having just taken early retirement after 48 years in the print and direct mail industry? However, I did say that ‘when I retire I’m going to do more photography’. That’s not been the case so far, although being down to one car doesn’t help. Hopefully that will be rectified by Christmas, fingers crossed. Having spent quite some time over the last few days looking for suitable images for the next Camera Club Competition – “Around our County” is the theme – it became apparent just how lazy I’d been since we moved to North Yorkshire as I’ve struggled to find 6 images for this competition (3 as prints and 3 as PDI’s (projected digital images)). Anyway, the prints are done and I have the PDI’s now, but it has been a struggle and I’m not confident of any success either – beauty is in the eye of the beholder, in this case an independent judge.

Colourful Abbey

Pillars at Whitby Abbeyt
The stone work at Whitby Abbey looks great as multi coloured lights illuminate it
Whitby Abbey Illuminated at night
The chancel windows at Whitby Abbey illuminated

One of the images that I’m submitting for the above was taken just this week at Whitby Abbey. The Abbey has been illuminated for a short period of time (to coincide with Halloween) and it looks splendid. I didn’t take a tripod with me and relied on the low light capabilities of my new camera. The outcome was pretty good (IMHO), although I’m sure they would have been better if I’d taken the tripod. We are very lucky living in the area we do, with so many beautiful places to go – back to being lazy again!! Talking of going somewhere…….

Autumn Colours

On Friday the 8th I’m going to search for some Autumn Colour at Thorp Perrow Arboretum. At this time of year the colours in the garden should look stunning. The session is being organised by the Royal Photographic Society as a workshop which will be led by a local professional photographer, Mark Banks, so I’m very much looking forward to learning as well as capturing some of the wonderful colours in the trees, shrubs and plants. Sadly, I think the workshop comes too late for me to have any photos for the Camera Club competition. Although the closing date for this isn’t until the 11th I will be away from the 10th searching for some Autumn/Winter warmth and in search of yachts and more – but more on that next month!

If you are a photographer and are out and about over the next few months I wish you happy shooting. Thank you for reading this blog.

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