September 2019

Clipper Yachts, Location Tagging and more


I cant believe we’re well into September now and Autumn is almost upon us. Thankfully soon it’ll be time to stop mowing the lawn!

Clipper Yachts lined up in St Katharine's Dock London
Clipper Yachts lined up in St Katharine’s Dock London
Zhuhai heads down the Thames
Zhuhai heads down the Thames towards Southend

Last weekend Anne and I went to London for the weekend, specifically to support a friend of mine from the Camera Club as he set off on the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race. Trevor must be mad!! Having had the opportunity to tour the Yacht he’s on (Zhuhai) I was amazed how little space there is onboard. The thought of 4 hourly shifts, little room for storage, no showers and beans and lentils for 11 months didn’t really sell it to me. It’s not about that though, it’s about the challenge.

Screen Grab of the Picfair blog
Picfair’s Blog features my Store site in their August ‘Best of Picfair’

Photography to me is always a challenge. How to get it right, exposure, composition, location, time of day and much much more. I read an interesting Blog which advocates location tagging photos, especially for photographers who want to sell their work. Location tagging, to use a photographic term can give the image more ‘exposure’ over the internet, especially if people are searching for a specific image or place. This is a link to the Blog, so if you’re interested have a read. I don’t use 500px for my images, they’re available through this website, or through my additional ‘Store‘ Page above. The Store page is hosted separately by Picfair and this month it features in their Blog (read here) which showcases a selection of Photographers sites. They very kindly describe mine as follows: “Paul has done a great job in curating his Store – when we first click on to Paul’s Picfair Store, we’re greeted with a stylish, simple, and very effective welcome page – which prompts the user to click through. We’re then directed to Paul’s Store homepage, which features all of his images, beautifully displayed in the ‘row’ image layout, along with a handwritten-style logo and a bio, which gives us more information about the inspiration around his photography.”

Over the next few months I’ll be doing the weekly Country Market at Northallerton Town Hall (Friday’s 10.00am – 12.30pm) and the Monthly Enterprise Market, again at the Town Hall on 18th September and hopefully in October and December. Of course if you can’t make these events then there’s always the SHOP and MORE PRODUCTS links above to choose from!

Finally, I’m delighted to say that a selection of my Framed Prints are available to buy at Simply Dutch, in Leeming Bar. Simply Dutch brands itself as ‘The Most Interesting Store in the North’ and I think it certainly is. I don’t know any other furniture, furnishings and gifts store where you can buy a beer, glass of wine or a G & T and wander round at your hearts content browsing their products. If you’re in the area it’s well worth a visit.

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