January 2020

Looking back and looking forward


Cabbage White Butterfly
Cabbage White Butterfly hangs on a Buddleia

So another year comes to a close and another year arrives. 2020, I didn’t see that coming! You’ll marvel at my basic grasp of how time works! When you get to my age, (let’s say that’s Mid 60’s, at least it will be in July) I, and, I guess, many others often say “time flies” and it certainly does seem to. So let me wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year!

This year, I’ve taken early retirement, had 4 holidays and bought a new car. Work is a thing of the past and not something I miss. Given the additional ‘spare time’ I don’t seem to have done that much photography in the last year, apart from the holidays. I had intended to get out more on my own, but only having one car between us put a little brake on that. No excuse now though.

Lake District, holidays, a couple of workshops & mirrorless versus DSLR.

Raindrops on leaf
Raindrops on leaf

Earlier in the year 6 of us from the Camera Club spent a couple of days in the Lake District, based on Rydal Water. That was a great time to actually get out with the gear and the weather was kind to us too. Although, avid readers of this blog (whom I cant count on one finger) may recall my dip in Ullswater ultimately saw me trading in my equipment and upgrading to a new camera. The new camera is starting to get some more use now. It is what’s called a ‘Mirrorless” Camera. For those people who are mildly interested in the difference between a DSLR and a Mirrorless then this article will help explain the differences and advantages. My soaking wet story pales into insignificance though if you read this story!!!

I also went on a one day workshop on the north east coast of the UK taking in Seaham, Sunderland, Souter Lighthouse and South Shields. That and the workshop I attended at Thorp Perrow in North Yorkshire were arranged through the Royal Photographic Society. Anne and I managed a few holidays in 2019, Cyprus, a three centre tour of the Baltic, a long weekend in London, Krakow and an impromptu 9 day trip to Cape Town.

Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela waving

The London trip and the Cape Town adventure were arranged to lend some support to a friend from the Camera Club who is taking part in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race 2019/2020. We saw the yachts off at the start of the race from St Catherine’s Dock London and then caught up with them as the ended leg 3 in Cape Town. The race ends in London in August 2020.

Looking forward

So what will 2020 have in store? More photography for me, that’s a cert! I have no excuse now not to get out with my camera. Certainly I need to test my new Tripod Head and get really familiar with the camera I got in 2019. Practice makes perfect. There are one or two one-day workshops that I’ve highlighted, we’ve a two week holiday in March coming up and then in June three and half weeks in Canada to celebrate our Ruby wedding anniversary. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of things to photograph there!

Autumn Leaves
Leaves turning red and brown

In October I’ve booked my self on an Autumn Gold workshop in the Cairngorms and am already looking forward to that even though it’s ten months away.

Well, that’s a lot about me, me, me…. but I hope you can see how much I enjoy photography, even though I’m only a journeyman. This year I’ve heard and benefitted from real professionals like Joe Cornish, Mark Banks, Melvin Nicholson and Paul Beriff O.B.E. (Hon President of Northallerton Camera Club) all explaining their philosophy, how they work photographically and have seen many fantastic images of theirs. I can only aspire to get somewhere close.

Urban / Street Photography

Food for thought
Food for thought

The first think on my “to-do-list” is to sort out 6 images for the ‘Urban’ competition at the Camera Club. I’ve quite a few shots to chose from on this occasion. A lot of images shot in an Urban situation can include people. Most of them are ‘innocent bystanders’, by that I mean they were not invited to be in the photo. So how does this stand in the eyes of the law and indeed in the eyes of the judge of the competition. One or two of my images taken in Leeds a few months ago have specific people in them as part of the image – so I’m now wondering whether to submit them or not! This is an interesting dilemma and the reading this article adds some clarity. I hope you find it of interest too.

Thank you for reading my thoughts and hope that there is something of interest in them for you – even a tiny little bit!! Oh, just one more thing, running right through to the end of February there is a 30% SALE on all the prints available on this website. I’ll also be selling at Craft Fairs, coffee mornings and markets in our local area (Northallerton) during 2020 too and discounts will be available there too.

Once again, Happy New Year and here’s hoping we all take some great shots too during the coming year.

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