LRPS Distinction

During 2022 and early 2023 I applied for an Accreditation with the Royal Photographic Society. The first rung on the ladder is the Licentiate.

For the Licentiate, applicants must show (among other criteria) a variety of approach and techniques but not necessarily in subject matter. It’s demanding but achievable for most dedicated photographers.

It requires applicants to submit ten images which reflect their ability as a photographer. My ten images are displayed here on the right along the the Hanging Plan below. The Hanging Plan is required to show the images as they might be displayed and requires them to be arranged in a pleasing and co-ordinated way.

My first assessment was held in February 2023. I was disappointed not to be awarded the accreditation at the first attempt, however the panel invited me to resubmit. The panel thought there were one or two minor technical issues with my submission. These were corrected and a resubmission was put forward for May 2023.

I was delighted to achieve this accreditation at the May 2023 assessments.

Having just been perusing the RPS Journal I spotted your name in the successful Licentiate applications list…congratulations!

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LRPS Presenttaion Layout
LRPS Presenttaion Layout