JUNE 2019

A little holiday


The National Library of Finland
Who could have thought a library could be so photogenic? This is the National Library of Finland

There’s been quite a gap since I last updated this blog and that’s because Anne and myself have been on holiday. We’ve been on a three centre mini tour of the Baltic taking in Helsinki , Tallinn and Riga. A little taster you might say of these places and very interesting they were too. This isn’t a Travel Blog so I won’t bore you with the finer details but suffice to say they were all very nice and different and expensive!

So what did I learn from this holiday? Well, despite Anne telling me this, I took too many clothes and other associated stuff that wasn’t worn or used. Lesson learned.

Town Hall Pharmacy (Raeapteek) Tallinn
Upside down world in the Town Hall Pharmacy (Raeapteek) Tallinn

When we go away on trips like this I generally take my Canon EOS M3 Mirrorless Camera and lenses a gorilla pod (unused on this trip) plus bits and pieces to keep me out of mischief. So what could possibly go wrong?

One day, near the end of the holiday I was out and the camera suddenly stopped taking photos and beeped at me like it had never done before. This was accompanied by a red ‘0’ on screen. Baffled I reset the camera, I swore at the camera and I got frustrated before suddenly realising that the memory card was full. Of course all good photographers carry a spare don’t they? I do, but my spare cards were at home in my DSLR camera bag. What a numpty. Here we are in Riga on a Sunday and not only that it’s the mid-summer Bank Holiday too with lots of shops and restaurants closed. Thankfully the local Euronics store was still open and was able to save my bacon.

Great, so after a short rest back at the hotel, out we went again, so that the expert photographer here could take some more photos. Anne said, “you’re not going to carry your bag around with you for the rest of the day are you, just take the camera”. So I obeyed and it wasn’t long before it dawned on me that the battery was nearly flat. Where was the spare? Back in the hotel of course. This was Photographic Faux Pas number two in one day!! Thankfully the church where we ended up with no battery didn’t allow photos to be taken inside anyway (unless you paid 5 euro), so I didn’t feel too bad!

reflections in Restaurant window Riga
Reflections in Restaurant window Riga

On this trip were a couple of other Photographers, both who seemed better prepared than me and I must say much better photographers than me too, wiser, more organised, obviously, because they had spare memory cards and batteries. It was good to chat to them and share my frustrations and receive a little sympathy – thank you for that! Interesting also to swap a few tips both technically and where to go for a decent photo too. Click on the link above and look for Sandy Cowie – he does some great stuff.

So next time, I’ll try to take less clothes and more of the stuff I really need – memory cards (and a memory!). Now the process of sorting through the images begins, but that’s for another day.

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Coffee Morning & June, a great month to get out with the camera


All set up for the first time!

Today, 1st June, was the first opportunity for me to exhibit and sell prints and notecards at the Morton Quilters annual Macmillan coffee morning in Ainderby Steeple. The event was well attended and £64 was raised for Macmillan through the sale of Notecards. I also sold 4 prints in various sizes which exceeded my expectations! A lady also invited me to exhibit at two events, one in August and one in November in Thornton Le Beans, a village just south of Northallerton. Watch out for further information!

First time use for the Contactless Card Reader too!

A big thank you to all who came along and bought something. That did my confidence the world of good! Interestingly, for me, the best selling card of the day was my shot of Crack Pot Hall, which is the one selected for inclusion in the Tennants 2020 Garden Room Calendar.

So, June is here and what a great month to get out with the camera and take advantage of the longer, drawn-out evenings. These evenings often create a great opportunity to capture stunning views during the golden hour, which of course is later in the day giving plenty of opportunity to get to the right spot in good time. Of course that means dawn is much earlier too, whichever end of the day you prefer both will provide fantastic opportunities for the happy snapper.

Puffin in flight from my last trip to Bempton

June is also a good month for seabirds too and fairly close by here are Bempton Cliffs and the RSPB Reserve there. Certainly June is one of the prime months for seeing Puffins although a trip there this June won’t happen due to a very busy diary in the run up to my retirement. That doesn’t stop you going though!!

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