Woodland Wanders

I find woodland one of the most difficult subject to photograph. Whether it is photographed in colour or back and white to me it always seems to be a chaotic subject. Nothing is regular (other than managed trees planted in lines). This Project shows a mixture of images from woodlands fairly local to where I live. Some people love images like this and others, like me, struggle to make sense of them. I will continue to practice this type of mage to begin to bring some sense to my images of woodland.

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All images are available to buy as Giclée* prints in various sizes and are mounted on Premium Ivory or Ice White mount board with bevelled edge aperture. Please visit the Prints & Cards Sales Link above to order cards and prints. If you see an image on this site that you like and it not available in the Shop or you would like the image larger than A3, or even framed, then please use the Contact Link to request a price.

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Royal Photographic Society & Nature First Member
Royal Photographic Society & Nature First Member
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